Pennine Stone uses proof of delivery software

Pennine Stone, manufacturer of architectural cast stone in the UK, has implemented Paragon Software's proof of delivery system fleXipod to reduce delivery paperwork, increase operational data visibility and improve customer service, Paragon says.

Pennine selected the fleXipod system to simplify data capture processes and provide a more professional and consistent on-site customer experience, Pennine explains. It replaces a previous paper-based system that the company’s mobile teams used to collect proof of delivery data. The new system reduces manual data entry for office-based staff and improves overall operational visibility, Paragon says.

With a complex operation including two-day routes and nationwide deliveries, Pennine needed a system to provide accurate data in real-time from the field. Mobile workers are now able to collect both delivery data and operational information throughout the day on the fleXipod mobile application, so the company can keep track of all activities and better meet the needs of its customers, Paragon explains.

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