McStone foresees future retirement homes

Future homes could be “almost human” and able to manage the needs of people in later life, according to a report commissioned by retirement giant McCarthy & Stone.

Neighbourhoods of the Future by the Agile Ageing Alliance looks into how smart technologies in the home could transform independent living for future older generations. Within the next 20 years, the report states, older people are likely to live in an “almost human” intelligent “Cognitive Home” with the ability to assess and manage individual needs and wants. Examples include updates when the customer enters their home on what is happening in and around the property with alerts issued when a problem arises, and fridges “automatically keeping stocks topped up”.

Future homes are also tipped to help those with specific health-related concerns, with “sensory-loss” technologies to make homes safer and more adaptable, addressing problems of cookers being left on and people becoming confused about their whereabouts.

• A lower forward order book brought into the year and the weighting of completions from higher margin sites into the second half of the year have combined to constrain trading at McCarthy & Stone. Completions in the half year to the end of February reached 866 against 923 last year with revenue at £238 million (£250 million). However the firm said it was still well-placed to deliver results in line with market expectations for the full year.

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