Indesit introduces Aria

Indesit, the domestic appliance manufacturer that “prides itself on developing products that make the busy family’s life easier”, has launched a new built-in cooking platform – Aria.

Indesit says that it is offering a “perfectly coordinated” built-in suite that resonates with the needs of multitasking families. The Indesit Aria cooking collection comprises ovens, hobs, hoods, microwaves and a coffee machine, “which all guarantee highly pragmatic and reliable solutions for creating the best family recipes while saving time, money and effort,” Indesit claims.

With the new Indesit built-in oven, the KFW 3844 H IX, Indesit reports that “anyone” will be able to prepare any daily recipe without the hassle of choosing the right programme, thanks to the Turn&Cook function. Indesit explains that with just one turn of the control knob, the oven automatically sets the time and temperature to cook more than 80 recipes in one hour – making this oven ideal for those with busy lifestyles.

Alongside the oven, the Aria range also incorporates a built-in microwave, the “perfect solution” for families that face a severe lack of time. Indesit says that the new microwave, the MWI 3443 IX, features “quick and trustworthy” cooking results for everyday cooking, defrosting and re-heating needs. Additionally in the range, the Vertical hood, the IHVP 6.4 AL K, features multiple power settings, which can be set to remove odours, smoke and moisture caused by cooking.

The new Indesit induction cooktop, VID 641 BC, offers versatile zones for pots of different sizes and shapes, including bridge functions for the largest of saucepans, offering “excellent flexibility and performance,” Indesit explains. Lastly, the coordinating built-in CMI 5038 IX coffee machine is semi-automatic and does not require plumbing in so, the company claims, installation is quick and simple.

Stewart Herd, category director, commented: “Indesit appliances allow for easy interaction and help to save the busy family time, effort and money. The new built-in Aria range boasts smart construction and an aesthetically appealing Italian touch of design that looks eye-catching in any kitchen.”

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