IG's solution for intricate brick detailing

IG Lintels is offering a technically advanced, off-site solution for an extensive range of brick details including arches, panels and soffits, says the company, part of the Keystone Group.

Its Brick Feature Lintel system enables complex brickwork details to be carried out in a factory environment providing high standards of quality control, it says. IG explains that it collects a consignment of bricks from site, cuts these into slips and bonds them to IG’s patented Brick Feature lintel, to ensure that the lintel blends seamlessly with the already constructed brickwork. “This eliminates the need for a specialist brickwork contractor spending hours onsite, cutting bricks to suit complicated structural openings,” IG says.

IG’s Brick Feature Lintels can accommodate a large range of bond patterns and with segmental arches, flat arches, gothic and parabolic arches as well as apex arches and bullseyes, “the possibilities are endless,” it says.


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